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We are highly experienced lenders in the cannabis sector. You can rely on us to deliver the financing you need – quickly and efficiently

The specialised buildings required in order to operate a cannabis business are costly to convert or construct, which typically requires financing.

However, most traditional lenders are unable to finance the amounts required without the lender putting up additional collateral and, even when financing can be obtained, the process is usually slow and inefficient. This is where we can help.

We offer cannabis real estate owners and owner/operators 3 significant advantages over other lenders:

  • We typically process construction draw requests in just 1-3 days
  • One agreement can cover the financing of the entire project
  • We understand the unique requirements of the cannabis industry

Because our speed of delivery is greater, the total cost of lending is typically lower than traditional sources, despite our rates being higher.

As you know, monthly revenues are in the millions for cannabis operators, so speed of opening is paramount.

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